If you’ve been eyeing the powerful 2017 Mazda3 car, you probably already know that it’s offered at our Hartford, CT Mazda dealership in two styles: a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. Both versions are high-quality options and come equipped with many modern features and technologies. With identical specifications underneath the hood, the choice comes down to your preference of a sedan versus a hatchback.

You may make your decision based solely on styling—perhaps you prefer the look of one over the other. If you are after a sports car feel, then you will prefer the Mazda3 sedan with its universally sporty four-door design. However, the sporty appeal stops there, as the hatchback model equally matches the sedan’s engine and horsepower.

If you’re looking for versatility in your next car, the five-door hatchback model may be more practical. The main interior dimension discrepancy you will find between these two models is in the cargo volume. The Mazda3 hatchback model will provide you with 20.2 cubic feet, or an exceptional 47.1 cu. ft. when the rear seats are folded down. Compare this to the sedan’s 12.4 cu. ft. of cargo volume. So if you are planning to use this car for road trips or other hauls, you will want to opt for the hatchback that will effortlessly fit all of your goods. If that is not a primary concern for your next vehicle’s function, you can choose to stick with the sedan model.

Here at Liberty Mazda, we carry both the hatchback and sedan models, so if you still aren’t sure which to choose, a visit to our dealership is in order. Don’t forget to browse the available Mazda offers on our website, including lease and finance specials for both models!