When you buy one of our new Mazda cars, you get more than an automobile you’ll have fun driving for years to come. You also get the Liberty Mazda Lifetime Warranty, making you the hero your vehicle needs.

Our Lifetime Warranty is valid for as long as you own your automobile no matter how many years you drive your car and regardless of the number of miles you put on the odometer. All you have to do to enjoy the benefits of having our Lifetime Warranty is have your vehicle serviced in accordance with the recommendations in your automobile’s owner’s manual.

You don’t even need to bring your vehicle to our Mazda dealership in Harford, CT for routine maintenance. You simply have to abide by the Mazda brand’s recommended service schedule and keep your service records as proof that you’ve done so.

Our Lifetime Warranty is honored at any licensed repair center located in the United States or Canada. The deductible for our Lifetime Warranty is only $100 for covered repairs per covered component.

We offer our comprehensive Lifetime Warranty to anyone who buys one of our new Mazda cars as a way of thanking you for doing business with us. We know you have a lot of options when it comes to buying a new vehicle which is why we do everything we can to give you the greatest value possible whenever you visit our Mazda dealership to buy an automobile or part, or to have your vehicle serviced.

If you have questions about any of our new or pre-owned vehicles or our Lifetime Warranty, give us a call or stop by Liberty Mazda. If you’re looking for a genuine Mazda part or your car needs a repair or routine maintenance, visit our Mazda dealership on West Service Road. We’re here for all of your automotive needs and will be for however long your own your automobile.